In Which I Welcome You to my New Blog, Perfume Polytechnic.

Welcome to Perfume Polytechnic. I am a perfume enthusiast, creative, ex-academic and auto-didact. I love to learn about the things that interest me in great depth. Eighteen months into my fascination with perfume, I feel the need to expand my knowledge, to delve more deeply into a range of areas in the field of scent and olfactory art. I am not an expert in this area; I know a little, but not a lot.

So, what do I want to learn? I want to find out more about the science and creation of scent and how it affects us both psychologically and biologically. I want to learn how to make perfume. I also want to increase my conscious appreciation of both everyday smells and fine fragrances (olfactory art), through activities such as scent walks, reading, writing, making and sampling.

Eventually, I hope to be able to create perfume of my own, or to be able to incorporate olfactory elements into my work as a composer and textile artist. I am fascinated by scent memories and the idea of creating scent tributes to people and places.

I’ve launched Perfume Polytechnic to focus and channel my learning. I want to learn, but just as importantly, I want to share what I learn with you. I hope you find Perfume Polytechnic both interesting and educational and that you’ll come along for the journey.

You can read more about me and the purpose of this blog here, or click on the “about” button at the top of the page.

Thanks for visiting,

Polly Technic

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