Perfume Polytechnic Receives a Real Neat Blog Award

real-neat-blog-awardThis morning I woke up to a Real Neat Blog Award nomination from Dear Kitty. Some blog, which is a blog well worth reading. This is my first nomination for an award for Perfume Polytechnic, which is very exciting. Thanks for the nomination Dear Kitty!

Here are the rules for accepting a Real Neat Blog Award (feel free not to act upon them if you don’t have time; or don’t accept awards; etc.):

1. Put the award logo on your blog. 2. Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you. 3. Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs. 4. Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs. 5. Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog etc.)

My seven questions are:

1. Where do most visits to your blog come from?

I get most of my referrals/views from Facebook, followed closely by search engines. But, if you mean which country do I get the most visits from: the United States is in the lead, followed closely by Australia.

2. What is your favourite sport?

I’ve never been a sports fan (as in spectator sports). As for participation in sport, when I was a kid I did rhythmic gymnastics, and could run very fast. The sports I engage in now I don’t really think of as sport: walking and some stretching and yoga. I do these for fitness, and they relax me and help with body aches and pains. I also enjoy gardening and mowing the lawn with our rotary mower for exercise!

3. What has been a special moment for you in 2015?

The most special moment of this year has been celebrating my tenth anniversary with my partner, Olly Technic.

4. What is your favourite quote?

“The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” This quote is frequently (and probably incorrectly) attributed to Anaïs Nin, but was most likely authored by a former Director of Public Relations at John F. Kennedy University in Orinda, Elizabeth Appell.

5. What was your favourite class when still at school?

At University, I loved most of my classes, but got the most of Women’s Studies and Women’s Art History. When I was in High School I liked Art, Music, English and Drama best. I went to a special music High School, so we had a lot of music classes and extra-curricular rehearsals and performances. I enjoyed all of that very much.

6. Anything you had wished to have learned earlier?

I wish I’d learnt to drive properly (I still can’t) and to swim. I’m hoping to remedy the former soon, but can’t really see a need for the latter. Water and I don’t go together.

7. What musical instrument have you tried to play?

I’m a classically trained musician and as I mentioned above, went to a special music High School. I also studied music at University, and have a Diploma of Music in flute performance, a Bachelor of Arts majoring in music composition, and a Masters in music composition. I learnt the recorder at Primary School, as many children did, but my first real instrument (that I had proper lessons for) was the piano, which I started at age 10. I picked up the flute at age 11, and I also studied singing at High School when I was 14-15. I learnt the cello for a couple of years at age 18-19. These days I’m still a composer and I play the flute a bit. Mostly I create music using pre-recorded sounds (natural, vocal, etc.) and manipulate and edit them using computer software, though I have written for instruments too.

I nominate the following bloggers to receive the Real Neat Blog Award

1. White Stone Farm 2. —later, maybe, soon 3. Dear Kitty. Some blog (I hope you don’t mind me nominating you back!) 4. Michael Borkowsky 5. Megan in Sainte Maxime 6. The Perfume Magpie 7. Volatile Fiction

Your Seven Questions Are

1. If you’re old enough to remember, what do you miss the most about the pre-internet era? 2. Could you be self-sufficient if you had to be? 3. What are your thoughts on climate change? 4. What is your best developed sense? 5. Do you make anything with your hands? 6. What is the most thoughtful gift someone has given you? 7. Tell us about a person you miss, and what you miss most about them.

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