8 thoughts on “Smell of The Day: Wood Smoke

  1. Oh how that brings back memories of living in the Hunter Valley. We had a 40 acre divine property in a most beautiful small valley, creek running, lots of wild life and bird activity, my horses grazing, harvesting our own veges, collecting old wood to ready for the fire…I love the smell of smoke, when it’s not choking or burning my eyes!
    It does bring feelings of warmth, comfort, peace and connection to nature and the wild life!

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      • Well I understand, it was amazing! 12 acres was arable, undulating and the rest was escarpments tall gums, wattles, melaleucas and native natural shrubs and undergrowth. It was so magickal. I have grieved losing my home and having to leave that heavenly place ever since. One becomes one with nature when living like that. I am so grateful to have had that time and Must have it again. I personally have found I am not as complete without being surrounded by our beautiful mother nature. You experience every season as it should be, everything is alive and the smells… oh the bush after rain, my horses, stables, fresh herbs and David Austin roses, violets carpeting the ground, the trickling or running water from the creek, the hop of kangeroo’s through the bush the, rustling of wombats foraging, spider webs sparkling with dew when the morning sun hits them, mist rolling up the escarpments in the morning and in the eve it gently rolls down, crickets, frogs, cicada’s, a myriad of birds the lyre bird, babblers, rosellas, king parrots, cuckoos, finches, fairy wrens, satin bower birds, eagles, willy wagtails … gosh so many more birds, walking around the land on a full moon lit night, foxes calling to each other, occasionally dogs…hmmmm

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      • Sounds beautiful and lush. Where we are it’s vast, open plains and rolling volcanic hills. Mostly grazing, some crops, and not so much bush or trees. But very beautiful. I love being able to see almost the full hemisphere of the sky!

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