Please Help Me Raise Money for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation During the Just Read Readathon


I love books. I love them so much that in recent years have collected way more than I’ve had time to read! All kinds of books, including perfume books, naturally. I don’t even have enough shelf space for my books, so they’re collecting in piles round the house, waiting to be read! Collecting dust and making me feel guilty. This June and July it’s time for me to knuckle down and start reading during the Just Read Readathon! My goal is to read one book (a novel or a non-fiction book of a reasonable length) per week and one magazine per week (such as Selvedge, Womankind, etc. Magazines with articles, not just pictures and ads). That’s a total of 8 books and 8 magazines. Maybe I’ll even read more! I also plan to finish off a few part-read books during this time.

You can sponsor me per item if you wish (but you’ll have to wait until the end of July, so I can give you a tally of what I’ve read), or you can donate a lump sum to support the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, which is such an important foundation. Everyone deserves to be able to read – it’s such a vital life skill!

I’ve set a modest goal of $300.00 AUD, but I hope to raise more than that. In fact, I’ve already raised just over half my goal in the last couple of days. I’ll try and post updates weekly so you know how I’m going with my reading goals, and I’ll let you know which books I’ve read too!

I have a few perfume books on my list to read, or to finish off. I polished off Frédéric Malle’s On Perfume Making in the past two days. I also need to finish reading Mandy Aftel’s Aroma, and want to read her book Essence & Alchemy. I may also finish off Denyse Beaulieu’s The Perfume Lover, which has been sitting around, very nearly read, for ages.

How about this Indigenous Literacy Foundation? What does it do? To quote their website:

“The Indigenous Literacy Foundation aims to raise awareness and funds to address literacy levels in remote Indigenous communities across Australia. The Foundation is an initiative of the Australian Book Industry and has sent over 100,000 books to more than 230 communities across Australia, runs Book Buzz, an early literacy project, and works to sponsor individual community literacy projects.”

I hope you can support me and help raise money for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation during the Just Read Readathon, this June and July.

Please click here to donate.

Thank you so much!

Polly X


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