RE_VELACIÓN: To Reveal or to Re-veil. What will you choose? A new artistic performance by Angelo Orazio Pregoni


Angelo Orazio Pregoni performs Re_Velación


(*Warning NSFW: Some images are not safe for work as they contain nudity)

On the 25th June, artist and perfumer Angelo Orazio Pregoni of O’Driu Perfumes performed Re_Velación at Mutuo Centro de Arte in Barcelona, a performance piece based on the “concepts and central figures of biblical symbolism related to the number 4”. The performance involved the use of four fragrances created specifically for the event: 1. Mors et Justitia (Death and Justice), 2. Fames et Prudentia (Famine and Prudence), 3. Bellum et Vigor (War and Fortitude) and 4. Strages et Moderatio (Violence and Temperance).

Today’s post presents the press release for the event, some program notes about Re_Velación, and photographs of the performance. In the comments section below, Angelo and I will discuss the performance, how it was received by the audience, and some of the main artistic concepts behind Re_Velación.



Press Release


To Reveal or to Re-veil. What will you choose?

A new artistic performance by Angelo Orazio Pregoni

Mutuo Centro de Arte – Carrer de Julià Portet, 5, Bajos 1 y 2, 08004 Barcelona

2015 June 25th – 7.00 p.m.

Milan, May 11th, 2015 – To Reveal or to Re-Veil? Removing the bandage or putting it back on the eyes? The shocking nudity of truth about ourselves, or the reassuring guise of fiction? What will they choose those who will be able to go all the way in RE_VELACIÓN, provocative art performance by Angelo Orazio Pregoni, at Mutuo Centro de Arte in Barcelona, last June 25th? Above all, will the participants accept the consequences of the choice the Italian iconoclastic Nose and contemporary artist will ask them to accomplish – up to compromise with their own sense of ethics, if necessary – in the course of this unique artistic experience?

Indeed in Fluxus style, Pregoni doesn’t limit himself to stage a performance, but makes the attendees part of the artwork and builds it with themselves, with their reactions – curiosity or anxiety? – their feelings – excitement or discomfort? –, challenging them to make a decision free from social and cultural conditioning totally. The artist will ask to participants to give up their rational part and to resort only to the senses, thus relying on instinct, that part of them communicating with the subconscious and its truth directly. The discovery of how far are these two spheres could change all certainties about themselves, putting them in front of a revelation they might not like.

Author of other provocative and surprising Fluxus performances – from Milan to London, Naples, Florence, Amsterdam – Angelo Orazio Pregoni, brilliant perfume maker and unconventional contemporary artist, finally arrives in Barcelona with a project tailored to the charming Catalan city and its fascinating history. Once more, the intent is to investigate individual identity and its complex relationship with the contemporary world and its codes, always the centre of Pregoni’s artistic activity. On this occasion, the attention of the Nose and performer moves from the profane mass languages to one much more ancestral, but still social and cultural: Religion.

RE_VELACIÓN is an original rite conceived to lead participants, through an unprecedented experience of choice unrelated to the rational sphere, to a revelation about themselves and reality.

It is assumed that in our times we don’t make real choices, so, if we were faced with some events very frequent in the past – wars, famines, violence and deaths, signs of impending Apocalypse according to the religious authority – we would enter into conflict with our own ethics, remaining paralyzed or being forced to violate what we consciously know as Right.

The scent – as in all the performances of the Italian Nose – is the favourite means by which we can enter into a relationship with the art: in RE_VELACIÓN, the scent goes back to its origins in rituals, becoming the leading sensory door towards the Holy and, at same time, to the Unconscious, beyond the threshold of rational consciousness, and presenting itself as the only means through which we can make a really free, individual choice. A true one.

Angelo Orazio Pregoni has therefore made four new fragrances ad hoc for this performance, in the unmistakable, extraordinary O’DRIÙ style. Conceived as access keys to the artwork, these perfumes are real experiences that you can live only during RE_VELACIÓN and that will guide you, through your nose, to enjoy the performance.

And you, what will you choose? Revealing or Re-Veiling?


By Angelo Orazio Pregoni

2015 June 25th – 7.00 p.m.

Mutuo Centro de Arte – Carrer de Julià Portet, 5, Bajos 1 y 2, 08004 Barcelona


For information:

+39 02 58100564

2angeloProgram Notes

an artistic performance
by Angelo Orazio Pregoni


The performance focuses on concepts and central figures of biblical symbolism related to the number 4, so important as they became part of mass culture (Pop culture):

The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Death, Famine, War, Violence
The Four Cardinal Virtues
Justice, Prudence, Fortitude, Temperance
The performance starts asking everyone present an ethical question:

What are you willing to do to save the world (from Apocalypse)?

The four doors that lead to the background are “closed” by towels, so that the space behind them it is not visible. This way, people think that the those doors lead to 4 different rooms.
In reality, as we know, over the openings there is a single space.
Here, on the floor, it will be located a long bed.
The environment beyond the four doors will be dark fully.
The participants will put up on the bed, always blindfolded, until the lights are turned on again, then will be asked to remove the blindfold. At this point, they will discover to be surrounded by people completely naked, lying next to them.
The performance will be filmed and photographed.

1. Sacrificing the lives of those you love
The answer is directly related to the Knight of Apocalypse identified as Death and is characterized, as the horse of the same Knight, for the greenish colour.
The Cardinal Virtue associated to this option is Justice, the devotion to God and His Right Order, in whose name you are ready to make a sacrifice not of yourself, but of someone else, even without understanding the meaning superhuman at all.
Mors et Justitia

2. Reject your ideas forever
The answer refers to the Knight of Apocalypse identified as Famine and is characterized, as the horse of the same Knight, for the black colour.
The Cardinal Virtue related to this option is Prudence, which is nothing but loyalty to God’s wisdom rather than our own, in whose name we evaluate and confront the events and carry out appropriate actions waiving our own ego.
Fames et Prudentia

3. Wage war against all
Knight of Apocalypse joined to this response is identified as War, whose horse is white.
The Cardinal Virtue called into question is the Fortitude, which is not passive resistance, but deployment of our power against all the others.
Bellum et Vigor

4. Abstain from your loved ones until the end
The answer is inspired by Knight of Apocalypse identified as Violence, for which it is characterized by the red colour, just like the horse of that biblical figure.
The Cardinal Virtue for this answer is Temperance, understood as the right measure, the balance in the passions and emotional impulses, attitudes that can subdue even the use of violence as emotional reaction. The cost of this is, however, the almost ascetic giving up feelings: a violence toward ourself.
Strages et Moderatio

Re_Velación is an original rite created to lead participants to a revelation through a really new experience of critical choice. Whatever to choose critically, we must know how to call into question ourself and enter into crisis. In Re_Velación, the aesthetic that is based on the beauty or the presumptions of good leads to the ethical and the two elements meet and mix just like in ancient rituals, through a confrontational orgy of the senses: smell, sight, touch and hearing. Drawing on his own origins, the scent becomes therefore the door to the sensory level of the holy and, at the same time, to our own nature, beyond the threshold of rational consciousness. Religions and their rites in fact born to put the experience of the world in an order, offering a solid and shared reference system that helps an individual to not get lost and to not succumb to the chaos of reality. To do this effectively, the same religions neutralize ethical conflicts and moral contradictions “asking” acts of blind faith that need to put aside their ethics, pursuing dogmatic contents sorted and no longer perceived as chaotic.
One example is Abraham prepared to sacrifice Isaac to God’s will: he gives up his ideas and surrenders to the will of God.
If we were faced with some possibilities that were very frequent in the past – wars, famines, violence and deaths that religious authorities indicated as signs of impending apocalypse – and requiring a suspension of ethics in favor of survival, as we would choose to behave?
And what if the same Apocalypse was sprouting in these days?

Photos of Re_Velación*

(*Warning NSFW: Some images are not safe for work as they contain nudity)
























Thank you to Angelo Orazio for sharing his Press Release, Program Notes and photographs with me. All material courtesy of Angelo Orazio Pregoni/O’Driú 2015. Please do not reproduce without permission from the artist.

Related material

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13 thoughts on “RE_VELACIÓN: To Reveal or to Re-veil. What will you choose? A new artistic performance by Angelo Orazio Pregoni

  1. The guests were all in the dark for a while ‘time! The atmosphere was full of perfume sprayed on their bodies, the music was penetrating! The doors were four, in fact they thought not to be in one place, but in four separate rooms. In the end they felt surprised, but their ethical barriers were already collapsed!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love the idea that they thought they were going into four separate rooms and they ended up in one. Tell me more about the music. What kind of music was it? Was it created specially for the event?


  2. The perfumes were the olfactory responses to an unanswered question. People had to choose a perfume, responding with their instinct and not with their minds. The answers were paradoxes born from the intersection of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the 4 Virtu Cardinals! Once they chose the smell, people were sprinkled with that fragrance, they were blindfolded and brought into the room in the dark. The basic idea was to force people to let them go, relying on an inescapable destiny: chaos. The four fragrances tell the story about their latin names, on a base of four ingredients plus 20 more ingredients that create the canvas where to paint.

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    • Was anyone unsettled by being blindfolded, or did they all surrender to the experience? Composer/sound artist Francisco Lopez often blindfolds his audiences to remove the sense of sight and make them focus on listening… But I wonder if it makes people trust and let go too, or whether it makes certain people very uncomfortable… I also like that you encouraged people to respond to your perfumes with their instinct and not the rational parts of their brains.


  3. At first, when people were smelling the scents, there was a children’s music, very pleasant, but scary too! Instead when they went into the dark room, I used bases of electronic music, very deep and rhythmic. In this case sound was used as medicine, or better as a bad medicine to create altered states of mind.

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