6 thoughts on “An Ouducation Part One, Or, How Evocative Perfumes’ ‘Nirvana’ Sent Me On a Journey to Discover the True Nature of Oud

  1. Back in Japan, I really liked and enjoyed the smell of agarwood incense. Then when I moved to the Middle East, my love for the agarwood changed… So many times I was nearly choked to death by the overused agarwood there and I have been avoiding testing oud perfumes for a long time. I have to say, a lot of oud perfumes don’t smell like agarwood incense or real thick oil.

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      • That’s a challenge. The incense and the oil smell different and the incense itself smells different depending on its grade, but, personally speaking, they are more pleasant than oil. The oil… well, it’s certainly woody and mossy – also damp, slightly fungal with a hint of manure, animal hide, coffee and dettol and dirt… It’s rather difficult to explain. 😀

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      • It’s interesting to hear it’s a challenge – lots of people seem to say that. So, it’s no wonder I’ve found it hard to pinpoint! Thanks for your impressions. Mossy and fungal and dirty and leathery and like coffee… great – will add those to my list of things to sniff for 🙂 Thank you Magpie! 😀

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