Perfume Polytechnic First Birthday Celebrations & Giveaway!


Perfume Polytechnic turns one today! Perfume Polytechnic is an Australian blog that explores perfume and olfaction, with a focus on research and sharing knowledge. I like to keep topics here intimate, small-scale and personal, meaning that the focus is on local and independent perfumers and their products, scent memories and personal olfactory experiences, such as smell walks. The creative side of life interests me too, and you can see that reflected here with posts about synaesthesia, olfactory art, fragrance ingredients and their method of extraction. I have delved deeply into the exciting new field of cooking with essential oils, literally exploring how perfume tastes. I’ve discussed gender, history, disease, sound, textiles, and animals, and how all of these things relate to smell. It’s been a really interesting year, and I feel myself itching to explore the world of olfaction deeper and further still.

A year ago today I launched Perfume Polytechnic with the following words:

“Welcome to Perfume Polytechnic. I am a perfume enthusiast, creative, ex-academic and auto-didact. I love to learn about the things that interest me in great depth. Eighteen months into my fascination with perfume, I feel the need to expand my knowledge, to delve more deeply into a range of areas in the field of scent and olfactory art. I am not an expert in this area; I know a little, but not a lot.

So, what do I want to learn? I want to find out more about the science and creation of scent and how it affects us both psychologically and biologically. I want to learn how to make perfume. I also want to increase my conscious appreciation of both everyday smells and fine fragrances (olfactory art), through activities such as scent walks, reading, writing, making and sampling…

I’ve launched Perfume Polytechnic to focus and channel my learning. I want to learn, but just as importantly, I want to share what I learn with you. I hope you find Perfume Polytechnic both interesting and educational and that you’ll come along for the journey…”

I do hope that you’ve enjoyed the journey so far. Perfume Polytechnic has many more posts and projects lined up for the future, including a deeper exploration into synaesthesia, olfactory art, more reviews of fabulous indie fragrances from around the world, and interviews with their makers.

Facts & Stats

  • Perfume Polytechnic has been viewed 14,396 times in the past year
  • 75 posts have been published on a wide range of topics
  • Perfume Polytechnic has an international following. As of today, readers from 115 countries have visited Perfume Polytechnic, with the highest numbers of views from (in the following order) the USA, Australia, the UK, Italy and Canada.
  • I have interviewed 10 independent perfumers from Australia, the UK, the US, Italy and Switzerland.
  • The most popular post on Perfume Polytechnic is Shalimar Showdown: The Originals and The Flankers Battle it Out with 803 views.

First Birthday Giveaway

To celebrate Perfume Polytechnic’s first birthday and to thank you all for visiting the blog over the past year, I’ve decided to give something back to you, my readers, supporters, muses and friends.

These prizes are not random: they reflect some of the themes, topics and perfumers that have been explored here at Perfume Polytechnic. Included are indie perfumes by Sarah McCartney of 4160Tuesdays and Mark Evans of Evocative Perfumes, both of whom have been interviewed here. Australian products and samples are included so that I can share a little bit of my home country with those of you overseas. And the book Season To Taste is about the science of smell, taste and olfaction, areas that have been covered in some depth here.

There are two prizes today: Prize no. 1 is open to anyone in the world, including shipping and handling costs. Prize no. 2 will ship within Australia only, as a way of saying thanks to my Australian audience, and because Australians often miss out on giveaways and prizes.

Prize no. 1 – open to anyone in the world



Prize no. 1

A copy of the book Season To Taste by Molly Birnbaum, a fascinating book by a woman who lost her sense of smell and wrote about her journey trying to find it again:

“When a head injury obliterated twenty-two-year-old Molly Birnbaum’s sense of smell, it destroyed her dream of becoming a chef. Determined to reawaken her nose, she bravely sets off on a quest to rediscover the scented world. On the way, she seeks out everyone from former poet laureate Robert Pinsky to neuroscientist Oliver Sacks. A moving personal story packed with surprising facts about the senses, Season to Taste brims with the scents of Molly’s world—cinnamon, cedarwood, fresh bagels, and lavender—lost and finally found. In Season to Taste, Molly describes an ineffable, but indispensable, layer of life.” (Text quoted from the back cover)

PLUS: A 4ml decant of 4160Tuesdays’ discontinued and hard to find fragrance What Katie Did at Weekends. This is an older version of the now reworked What Katie Did on Friday Nights, recently renamed Fruits of the Tree of Knowledge. Bottle of fragrance is included in the photo for illustrative purposes; you will receive a 4ml decant only, as pictured next to the bottle.

PLUS: A 1ml sample of Evocative Perfumes’ newest release Nirvana, a fabulous oud fragrance which I will review in the next day or two, and which you should absolutely want to try! This sample has very generously been provided by Mark Evans, perfumer at Evocative Perfumes. Bless him.

PLUS: Samples of products from Australian skin care brand Jurlique, and a sachet sample of Marrakech Intense fragrance, the 2014, revamped version of Marrakech from Aesop, another iconic Australian skin care label.

Includes free shipping anywhere in the world. Perfume Polytechnic cannot accept responsibility for customs duties or fees accrued in your country, or for lost or damaged items.

Prize no. 2 – open to anyone in Australia



Prize no. 2

A 1.8ml sample of 4160Tuesdays discontinued and hard to find fragrance What Katie Did at Weekends. This is an older version of the now reworked What Katie Did on Friday Nights, recently renamed Fruits of the Tree of Knowledge. Bottle of fragrance is included in the photo for illustrative purposes, you will receive a 1.8ml sample only, as pictured next to the bottle.

PLUS: A 1ml sample of Evocative Perfumes’ newest release Nirvana, a fabulous oud fragrance which I will review in the next day or two. This sample has very generously been provided by Mark Evans, perfumer at Evocative Perfumes. Thank you Mark.

PLUS: A 1.8ml sample of Armani Privé’s Bois d’Encens. Bottle of fragrance is included in the photo for illustrative purposes, you will receive a 1.8ml sample only, as pictured next to the bottle.

PLUS: Samples of products from iconic Australian skin care brand Jurlique

Includes free shipping anywhere in Australia. Perfume Polytechnic cannot accept responsibility for lost or damaged items.

How To Enter

Entry is open to all followers of Perfume Polytechnic.

To enter, in the comments box at the bottom of this post:

  1. Tell me how you follow Perfume Polytechnic (e.g. by email or WordPress). If you don’t already follow Perfume Polytechnic, you are welcome to do so to enter the competition. Instructions on how to follow the blog can be found here. Note: The profile name or email used that you use to leave the comment below must match the profile name or email that you used when you signed up to the blog. This is so I can confirm that you follow.
  2. Tell me which country you come from, so I can sort my entries to select the two prizes.
  3. Tell me about a favourite scent memory from your childhood. A selection of answers will be posted in a future post on Perfume Polytechnic. If you’re not OK with that, please let me know (you can still enter!)

Note: If you cannot see the comments box, click on the heading/title of this post, scroll to the very bottom of the page, and it will appear.

Bonus Entry

For a bonus entry, visit my Facebook Page and follow the instructions on how to enter there.

Closing Date & Time

Competition closes Wednesday the 23rd September at 5pm AEST. I will draw two winners using on the 24th September, will announce the winners here and on Facebook, and will try to contact you privately through email, your Gravatar, or Facebook. Prizes will be redrawn if winners do not respond within 7 days.


31 thoughts on “Perfume Polytechnic First Birthday Celebrations & Giveaway!

  1. Congratulations on your first blogo-versary! I hope it’ll keep be interesting for you for the next year (and then one more, and one more, and…). I enjoy your unique voice (even if I do not comment).

    (No need entering me into the draw).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy birthday PP! I follow by email, from Australia. One of my earliest smell memories is of a cumquat tree in my parents’ garden – it sat in a large pot by the door, so I passed it often, and associate its zingy scent with summer warmth, bare feet and a bee-sting I received nearby. At some point I couldn’t resist having a taste of the cute little fruits, so I also associate that unpleasant experience with the much nicer smell. But I am still fond of the smell of a cumquat tree.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I follow perfumepolytechnic via email and always look forward to the well-written and well-researched entries on everything from sophisticated perfumes, to everyday scents. It has made me think a lot about olfaction, especially as my mother has lost her sense of smell and I don’t want to take my own for granted.

    A “scent memory” I hold dear is of the musty yet fresh scent of the ice-skating rink. The anticipation of a seven year old being able to do something exciting, a little dangerous and somehow otherworldly with its endless white was added to with the crisp smell of the ice plus the leather from my beloved little ice skate. I remember how the scent would intensify when on the ice, when a blade would cut into the ice and of course, when I fell. When I get a whiff of a smell like this, I am transported back to this time.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi 🙂 I’m from the US. My favorite scent memory from childhood…I sometimes have trouble recalling them until the smell is actually present. One of them would be the smell of mustard flower in the night air, when I walked outside in a village in my native country, Bangladesh, and you couldn’t see anything, not even your hand in front of you…but you could smell the flowers, and that smell lent you a sense of peace, even though your vision was lost. Thanks for holding this 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Pingback: An Ouducation Part Two, Including a Review + Giveaway of Nirvana by Evocative Perfumes | Perfume Polytechnic

  6. Happy Anniversary. The first year brings many wonderful articles, interviews and memories. I love the blog and it is hard to tell which category is my favorite. I incredibly enjoyed in Smell Walks articles. They are excellent reminders on the scents that surround us. Photos in these articles are fantastic. I live in Croatia, EU and follow Perfume Polytechnic blog via mail, Firefox feeds, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter. The mail is probably the most important. I usually see the newest articles in my inbox first.
    There are many different kinds of olfactory memories from my childhood (preschool age). Memory #1 Roses in spray: My great-grandmother had a neighbor who worked in Germany. Every time she came home, she brought a bottle of home fragrance. A large pale green bottle like old design of hair spray bottles under pressure. The smell was so similar to the roses that are rare today. An intensive smell that was almost identical to many roses we easily found in most of then yards. It was sweeter probably because of high concentration but it smelled like real roses. Memory #2 Peonies: My great-grandmother had many bushes of multicolored peonies. Once upon a time, in the 70’s, when the climate was healthy, spring showers were often in the period of peony’s blooming. The rain intensified scent of peonies that was spread and mixed with the scents of other flowers. Memory #3: Forest. My favorite memory. It is amazing to watch how the seasons of the year change and bring various odors in the same place. It depends on so many factors: tree species, the level of humidity, the amount of rotten and dry fallen leaves, lakes and streams, the amount of snow and sunlight are some of them. I’m happy that I spend a lot of time in the same forest nowadays, too. It is the very important place for me.
    I’m sure that Evocative Perfumes Nirvana is wonderful perfume. I have oil sample set (of five). Love them all. At this moment, I apply Fleur de Magnolia, it fits in my floral memories. It is beautiful.
    All the best to you and your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello lovely Damir, and thanks so much for entering! Thank you for your incredible support over this past year. For those who don’t know Damir, he is a tireless supporter of many of the perfume bloggers and perfumers, and has Facebooked about and retweeted pretty much every post of mine over this year. Thank you Damir for your kind words about my blog and posts and I’m so pleased you entered the competition. I’ll be sure to do another smell walk for you soon! I love the memories you shared. Those floral memories sound delectable. I think as you love the forest so much, you will adore Mark Evans’ Nirvana! It’s so woody and wonderful 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Congratulations!! Has it already been one year?? Time flies! Your question on favourite scent from childhood made me think a lot… There are so many and it’s rather difficult to pick one or two.If I were to choose the smells with emotional attachments, I would say incense and osmanthus. Incense was a part of my daily life and I did enjoy the act of offering incense every morning. The smell and the sight of osmanthus in autumn was pure magic. Every autumn, I was waiting and waiting for the gorgeous orange coloured blossoms to open. Pity, I haven’t found any osmanthus trees here in Spain.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Hi Melita,

    Congratulations! I do love reading your posts – you have such a great voice that’s refreshing in the in the perfume blogging area.

    Can I enter the draw? I follow via email, I’m from Australia (obvs) and a childhood scent memory is the ink from those old-school stencilling machines we had back in primary school. I can waft the slightly sour acrid chemical smell right now if I close my eyes. It takes me back to year 2 – we had a cool teacher who loved the Beatles and I remember she made us draw pictures of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds – little did we know what it really meant! As well as stencilling ink, her classroom smelt of decaffeinated coffee and the jelly beans she used to hand out when we did good deeds.

    Gaby xx

    Liked by 1 person

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