6 thoughts on “Perfume Polytechnic’s Favourite Olfactory Moments of 2015

  1. That was a stupendously fun post! I’m glad you didn’t do the usual best-of list! I’m going to go read the second O’Driu interview now. FYI: I got my Aftelier Chef’s Essences in late 2014, but I think of them as a 2015 thing – they re-invigorated my cooking and provided me and my friends with some truly interesting drinks during the summer months. I, too, love all things olfactory, not just perfume! Happy New Year!

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    • Hey Julie! So lovely of you – I’m so glad you enjoyed the post so much 🙂 Yes, I remember you being very much into the Chef’s Essences. I would love to hear all about which ones you have and how you used them! I’ve not tried them much in drinks, so I’d love some ideas! 🙂 Happy New Year – hope 2016 is fabulous! 🙂


  2. I enjoyed your 2015 olfactory moments. My daughter is an artist and I have explained to her the idea of creating fragrance for an art gallery space and BOOM, I am reading about Fleurage. Your details are vivid and I felt like I was visiting the rooms with you! Bravo. Thanks a mil!

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