Just The Juice: Brief Fragrance Reviews – Voyage by Hiram Green

Welcome to Just The Juice. Why “Just The Juice”? I want to talk about fragrances that I’ve come across, both new releases and older ones, and I want to keep it focused on the perfume (what we perfume lovers call the “juice”) itself. So often I write about the background, the history, the sociological and psychological significance, etc. etc. of a smell or a perfume. But in the interests of pure perfume prose, in this series I’m going to write about the juice, in 300 words or less per perfume, and include relevant artistic/conceptual notes from the perfumer too, if I can. I hope to introduce you to some wonderful perfumes in this series.

Today I will be reviewing the recently released Voyage by Hiram Green, who I interviewed late last year for my Thirteen Thoughts: Perfumer Interview Series. Hiram is based in the Netherlands and creates perfumes entirely from natural materials.

Voyage by Hiram Green


Publicity material and sample of Voyage by Hiram Green

The photograph above shows the publicity material that I received for Voyage, which is identical to the information on Hiram Green’s website for the fragrance:

“An ode to the exotic mysteries of India, our new fragrance is as atmospheric and thrilling as a Mysore street market and as opulent as Octopussy’s floating palace on Lake Pichola.

Voyage is an intoxicating blend of fresh citrus top notes, a heart of warm amber and luscious suede over a smooth vanilla base.

Limited to only 250 bottles entirely natural eau de parfum.”
Source: Hiram Green website

What I Think

This is the first fragrance by Hiram Green that I have had the good fortune to try and I feel lucky to try Voyage at all: not only is it a rich and sumptuous olfactory treasure, but it is also limited to a production run of 250 bottles, so it will soon be a rare treasure.


Personalised note (envelope complete with fabulous wax seal)

Only four notes are listed for Voyage: citrus, amber, suede and vanilla. I’ll add spice to this list: quite a pronounced, mixed-spice note (featuring a woody, powdery cinnamon), that is a dominant feature on my skin.

At first spray Voyage is complex and smells ancient. It’s an interesting and intense concoction: sharp citrus melds with a vintage-smelling amber, intensely warm spice and vanilla. But wait! The fragrance morphs and changes beautifully and as with all natural perfumes, the ingredients wander and interact with one another and the skin of the wearer as the perfume develops over time. And you have plenty of time to enjoy and experience this beauty as Voyage is a potent brew: it stayed on my skin for about 20 hours the first time I sprayed it, and was overtly present for at least 4-5 of those hours.

Hiram2As Voyage settles on the skin, the citrus dies down, the spice softens a little, and the beautiful vanilla and amber rise up to form a starring duo. I want to talk more about the vanilla: it is syrupy, it is sweet (but never sickly), and it smells somewhat honeyed. There are no flowers listed in Voyage, but this honeyed vanilla note seems to suggest the nectar of heady spring-time blossoms. A warm and fuzzy suede note becomes amplified over time and helps add a soft plushness to the composition.

Voyage is a fragrance of great originality, complexity and beauty. It is warm and rich, approachable, yet also fabulously exotic. I look forward to smelling more of Hiram Green’s creations in the future.

You can buy and read more about Voyage at the Hiram Green website. Voyage is limited to a run of 250 bottles only.

Acknowledgements & Disclosure

Many thanks to Hiram Green for providing my sample of Voyage in exchange for a review. To read my perfume review philosophy, visit my About page and scroll down a little. I am not financially compensated for reviews.


2 thoughts on “Just The Juice: Brief Fragrance Reviews – Voyage by Hiram Green

  1. This sounds so lovely… honestly, I haven’t found a ton of vanilla fragrances that I really love – but I want to so so much… Ah I wish I had a sample of this one. I’ll have to see if I can get one, you’ve inspired me to try it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much Sun Mi! I hope you can track down a sample too 🙂 I’m not a huge vanilla fan either – and I say that even though Shalimar is my favourite perfume… oddly I don’t consider it a vanilla fragrance!


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