Perfume Polytechnic is Currently Closed for Reviews

by-wlodek-428549_640When I started this blog, I never intended for it to be a perfume review site. There are already so many bloggers regularly immersing themselves in the latest releases (commercial and niche), and who have a wealth of knowledge and experience reviewing perfume, that I simply thought there was no need for another. I don’t have this knowledge, nor do I have access to a vast amount of what is out there, so it felt a little presumptuous that anyone might truly care what a half-informed-geographically-isolated-perfumista-from-Australia might think about a particular perfume.

The reason I started Perfume Polytechnic was to learn about both perfume and olfaction, and to share what I learnt with you, my readers. My favourite pieces have been those that are not reviews: those in which I delve into other areas, such as the smell of everyday things, investigate an ingredient such as oud, and of course, my interviews with indie/niche perfumers from around the world. These sorts of posts are the very backbone, no, the very spirit of Perfume Polytechnic.

And now that I’m unwell, I have to revise what I can manage, and my priorities in life in general, because I’m limited in what I can do and what I can promise. Being someone who has always been very good at looking after others, it is hard for me to state that I need to look after myself first now. But I have to. Spending more than an hour on the computer wrecks my eyes for the entire day, so most of my internet time now is on the mobile phone (limiting) and is seriously curtailed.

So, I’m putting a stop to reviews for now. The only things I will review – and this is if I am even able to resume regular blogging – are outstanding reviews promised to perfumers many months ago before my eye condition got worse. I may also occasionally review a product or perfume if I am personally moved to do so. However, I am no longer accepting samples or other olfactory items for review. Please don’t send them to me, unless you’d really love me to try them just for fun anyway (which would be lovely)! I’m writing this post because I have had several requests lately for reviews, and I need to get word out that it’s not really possible right now.

To be honest, I kind of fell into reviewing by accident, and I was absolutely thrilled to be able to try, get to know, and help publicise, creations by indie perfumers. But, it takes much time to both get to know and review a perfume, sometimes weeks even, and right now, with chronic health issues that are not abating, that’s time and energy I sadly don’t have. I will amend my blog site to add a tab clarifying this new policy.

I do hope that you will still enjoy visiting Perfume Polytechnic and reading the wide range of (non-review and review) articles that are archived for you. Many thanks also to all the wonderful indie perfumers who have kindly and generously sent me samples for review over the past year or so. I have been so grateful to be able to try your creations and to get to know the wonderful world of independent perfumery, and to make so many new friends!

3 thoughts on “Perfume Polytechnic is Currently Closed for Reviews

  1. Dearest Melita,

    My wish for you is to be well, enjoy peaceful moments and totally embrace being nourished and nurtured. This is such an essential part of your being right and if I can do anything at all please do not hesitate to contact me privately.

    Much love and scented bliss to you lovely xxx

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