Golden Boy

My latest poem on my new blog Melita Lara. About a recurring dream, old love, self-doubt, being seen, and joy. I hope you enjoy it. If you like my poetry, you might like to follow my new blog:

Melita Lara

Last night I dreamt
As I often do
That you came to visit
You were important
As always
The centre of attention
There was a gathering to celebrate you
Your magnificent you-ness
Your golden hair
Your monumental stance
Your creative mastery
People were milling around
Eating and drinking
Mirthful and murmuring

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Four Loves: 1992 – An Olfactory Short Story

As you all know, one of my biggest loves and projects in recent years was this fragrance and olfaction blog, which is sadly no more, due to chronic illness and allergies stopping me from both using perfume and writing about it. During the time I wrote this blog, I submitted a piece called Four Loves to Odou magazine, a  boutique magazine about olfaction. The piece was going to be published a couple of years ago, but sadly the magazine ceased production soon after my submission was accepted. For this piece, I wrote a series of four tiny short stories, each connected with a significant love/relationship of mine, from the perspective of scent and smell and their unique characteristics in each relationship. Continue reading