Reviews and Samples

Perfume Polytechnic is No Longer Accepting Samples for Review

I am currently not accepting any new samples for review as I am taking sick leave from the blog to deal with some chronic health problems. See this blog post for further information.


While Perfume Polytechnic is not primarily a perfume review blog (and is no longer taking samples for review), from time to time I have reviewed perfumes and other products related to the sense of smell. Sometimes the products I have reviewed have been purchased by me, and sometimes perfumers have sent me free samples to review. When samples have been provided free of charge, I have disclosed this in the review. I never accept financial compensation or payment for my reviews. I do not provide paid advertorials.

Review Philosophy

Though I am no longer committed to writing any new reviews, you may be interested to read about how I have approached the existing reviews on this site:

“I endeavour to remain impartial and review all fragrances honestly and respectfully. In my opinion all people who have had the courage to create something and to share their creations with the world need to be treated with admiration, kindness and respect. As a composer and music teacher, I understand the stifling effects of overtly negative or critical reviews and strive to be balanced and kind to others. In an increasingly negative world, I aim to provide constructive criticism and encouragement. Art does not thrive on negativity.”