Smell of the Day: Banksia Seed Pod Aromatherapy Egg

Smell of The Day is about noticing and appreciating the smells around me. Just one smell. It might be a perfume, a fragrant flower, the odour of something cooking, an unpleasant smell. All smells are equal. All smells are interesting. All smells affect us. Smell of The Day posts will feature one smell that made an impact on me that day.


Banksia seed pod aromatherapy egg

It’s been a stressful couple of weeks. I’ve been unwell for some time with a seemingly untreatable eye infection which makes doing anything vision-oriented (which is everything) difficult. To top it off, our cat got attacked by a feral cat a week ago and has been recovering from multiple wounds and abscesses since then. She’s finally pulling through, and I feel like my eyes might be improving too, so we all had a lovely peaceful time last night and finally got the sleep we needed.

I’m celebrating these small victories and unwinding from the stress by taking it easy today: pottering around the house, rearranging knick-knacks and paintings in the house, mindfully tidying. In the process I was reminded of this lovely hand-turned banksia seed pod “egg”, given to me by a dear friend last summer when she was staying with us. As a follower of my blog and someone interested in all things sensorial herself, she knew that this wonderful little smell-diffusing object would appeal to me.

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Merry Christmas & Thanks from Perfume Polytechnic


Pub Santa

It’s been a very busy year here at Perfume Polytechnic, with the writing and publishing of 70 blog posts, and a very busy month in particular. In the past four weeks I’ve written, edited, submitted and/or published over 16,000 words about perfume. That’s about as many words as I wrote for my Masters thesis! No wonder I’m tired. It’s time for a break.

Over the next few weeks I plan to re-publish a selection of my favourite, already published articles, reviews and/or interviews from my blog while I take some time off writing. Blogs aren’t the most navigable websites, and this is my way of sharing some of my older posts with you that I think you’ll enjoy!

Thanks to all of you for reading Perfume Polytechnic over the course of 2015. It’s been a huge year, and the blog has grown in readership enormously, from an average of 25 views per day in December 2014 to around 100 per day currently. I’m really chuffed and I intend to grow and develop Perfume Polytechnic even more in 2016. I have some fabulous ideas for posts coming up, including more Smell and Sound Series articles, investigations into the use of olfaction in art, book reviews, cross-sensory explorations, reviews of wonderful indie and niche perfumes from around the globe, and of course, more Thirteen Thoughts interviews.

I want to also thank all the wonderful perfumers that I’ve connected with in 2015 – I’ve met some of the most wonderful, interesting, multi-talented and intelligent people I’ve ever come across. I really feel like I’ve found my tribe and have forged some genuine friendships out of these connections, which I’m very grateful for. You’ve all inspired me so much to explore, create and learn. Thank you.

And so, I wish a very Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it. I hope it’s a happy and safe time for you all. The urge to connect is strong at this time of year, and it can be a loaded and difficult time for those who don’t have close friends or family to be with, or for those with difficult familial relationships. I urge you all to check on your friends and family and make sure they have been included in Christmas celebrations. A phone call, a drink, or even Christmas lunch, can make all the difference to someone who feels lonely at this time of year.

Lots of love to you all. See you in 2016.

Polly Technic