Thirteen Thoughts: Perfumer Interview Series – Hiram Green of Hiram Green Perfumes

thirteen-thoughts-v2_800_shadow1Thirteen thoughts from perfumers around the globe. Each perfumer profiled at Perfume Polytechnic has been presented with the same set of thirteen questions that probe into scent memories, imagination, education, history, the creative process and philosophy. How each perfumer answers these questions, and what form the answers take, is up to them. Tune in each week for a new instalment to learn more about the olfactory arts and how perfumers think about smell.

Today’s interview with Hiram Green is the final in Series Three of Thirteen Thoughts: Perfumer Interview Series. There have been five instalments in this series. Hiram is a Canadian-born perfumer who lives in Gouda in the Netherlands. He produces small batch perfumes using natural materials.

Last week, I interviewed Yosh Han of YOSH Perfumes. The week before that, Dawn Spencer Hurwitz of DSH Perfumes answered the thirteen questions. Prior to that, Josh Meyer of Imaginary Authors was interviewed, and in week one, Dana El Masri of Parfums Jazmin Saraï started off the third series of Thirteen Thoughts.

You can catch up with Series One of Thirteen Thoughts here, featuring interviews with Emma Leah, Mark Evans, Angelo Orazio Pregoni, Paul Kiler and Sarah McCartney.

For Series Two of Thirteen Thoughts, I interviewed Mandy Aftel, Ellen Covey, Shelley Waddington, Andy Tauer and JoAnne Bassett. You can read those interviews here.

As the intention of Thirteen Thoughts is to let each perfumer speak for themselves about who they are, what drives them, and what they do with fragrance, without any further ado, let me introduce you to…

Hiram Green of Hiram Green Perfumes

SMLHiram Green (4)

Hiram Green

  1. Tell us about a significant olfactory memory from your childhood.

I don’t really have one. I can remember the perfume my mother wore, but I wouldn’t say that this was a significant olfactory memory, more of a general childhood memory.

  1. What is your “origin story”? When, why and how did you decide to become a perfumer?

I studied fine arts in Toronto, Canada, where I grew up before moving to London, England. My plan was to be an artist in London. I quickly learned that I needed job on the side to earn some money. This by chance ended up being in a perfume store. I quickly became more fascinated with the world of perfume and less interested in making art. This fascination led me to eventually opening my own perfume store in London. At that time I also started mixing fragrant oils together in an attempt to make perfume myself. Several years passed, I eventually closed my store, moved to The Netherlands and only two and a half years ago launched my own fragrance brand.

SMLVoyage background image

Artwork for Hiram Green’s fragrance Voyage

  1. Do you have any formal training in perfumery, or are you self-taught? Have there been any mentors or other personal or cultural influences on your work as a perfumer?

I am self-taught. Some formal training would have certainly come in very handy in my early years of fragrance mixing.

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